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Modular, open solar-home-systems

Setu Pelz (Dipl. Ing. Industrial Engineering),
Steffen Eyhorn (M.Sc. Electrical Engineering),
Mariana Daykova (M.Sc. Carbon Management)

renewable energy, microgrids

Prof. Dr. rer.pol. Knut Blind

VII Economics & Management

Berlin Startup Stipendium (2017)

Modular, open, integrative platform for energy access in developing economies

Our idea
The innovation lies in the simple, modular plug-and-play integration of locally available solar panels, batteries and 12VDC appliances. The consumer is offered an open, expandable, and smart household energy platform that increases the useful life and effectiveness of existing energy investments. Rather than competing with the booming market for generic solar energy components and 12VDC devices, our open-source platform integrates all available generation / storage / device technologies (platform-thinking). Ant. offers consumers in resource-constrained markets an immediate solution to their energy needs (phone charging / lighting), at a price point they can afford (the cost of a solar lantern), while allowing them to integrate any existing devices, improving the utility of their energy assets, and matching their growing demand to their energy supply.

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