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Best Paper Awards

J. Kratzer, R.Th.A.J. Leenders, J.M.L. van Engelen, (2006) ‘Polarity and creative performance in innovation teams’, Creativity and Innovation Management, 15, pp. 96-104 Tudor Rickards BEST PAPER AWARD 2006

J. Kratzer, Ch. Lettl, (2008) ‘A social network perspective of Lead Users and Creativity: An empirical study among children’, Creativity and Innovation Management, 17, pp. 26-36 Tudor Rickards BEST PAPER AWARD 2008

N. Osterloo, J. Kratzer, M. C. Achterkamp, (2010) 'Applying lead user theory to young adults', Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers, 11, pp. 5-23 Outstanding Paper Award at  LITERATI NETWORK AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE 2011

I. Michelfelder, J. Kratzer (2012) ‘Why and how combining weak ties and strong ties within a single interorganizational R&D collaboration outperform other network structures’, Paper presented at The 19th International Product Development Management Conference, Manchester U.K., CHRISTER KARLSSON BEST PAPER AWARD 2012

J. Kratzer, Ch. Lettl, B. Franke, P. Gloor (2016) ‘The social network position of lead user’, Journal of Product Innovation Management , 33, pp. 201-216. Thomas P Hustad JPIM Best Paper Award



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