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Interlocking Directories and Co-Investment Networks

Interlocking Directors are individuals who serve on boards of two or more companies at the same time. The resulting network between the involved companies and the direct and indirect information exchange between them influence the decision making within the participating companies in a positive and negative way. The same happens with co-investments, where two or more venture capital funds (VCs) invest in the same start-up.
The question arises where a company is embedded in the network and how it can optimize and improve its position in in the network in order to benefit from it. Therefore, the biggest European listed companies are analyzed before, during and after the financial crisis over time. Subsequently their network position and its influence on the company’s performance are evaluated. Furthermore, the corporation’s network influence is studied on how they influence the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
It is drawn, that there are advantages to optimize the company’s position within the interlocking directorates and the co-investment network.

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