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Lead User

The focus within this research field is on the identification of lead users and opinion leaders via social networks. We study the impact of lead users as well as their creative potential within social networks. Results suggest that opinion leaders can be identified by their high number of direct contacts within local social network clusters (high degree centrality) and lead users by their high variety of links between network clusters (high betweenness centrality).

Recent Literature:

J. Kratzer, Ch. Lettl, (2008) ‘A social network perspective of Lead Users and Creativity: An empirical study among children’, Creativity and Innovation Management, 17, pp. 26-36. Tudor Rickards BEST PAPER AWARD 2008

J. Kratzer, Ch. Lettl, (2009) ‘The distinctive role of lead users and opinion leaders in the social networks of schoolchildren', Journal of Consumer Research, 36, 646-659.

N. Osterloo, J. Kratzer, M. C. Achterkamp, (2010) 'Applying lead user theory to young adults', Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers, 11, pp. 5-23. Outstanding Paper Award at LITERATI NETWORK AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE 2011

J. Kratzer, Ch. Lettl (2011) 'Die Identifizierung von Lead Usern über soziale Netzwerke: Eine empirische Untersuchung unter jungen Konsumenten', Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft, 5, pp. 83-110.

J. Kratzer, Ch. Lettl (2012) ' The social footprint of lead users', Journal of Product Innovation Management.

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