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Management of Corporate Crisis

  1. Idea: After a successful participation in this module, students are able to recognize the phenomenon "corporate crisis" with its causes, its process and its effects and can assess its significance from a practical point of view. They are able to apply instruments of crisis prevention and early crisis detection. They are also able to develop strategies and measures of crisis management and to design the management of corporate insolvencies from a business perspective.
  2. Content/course structure: The lectures provide the theoretical and conceptual fundamentals of corporate crises and crisis management. Crisis prevention, early crisis detection and crisis management, as well as command and control, are all part of this process. The focus is on behavioral aspects in corporate crises. Expert lecturers present the practical relevance to the theoretical basics and in group presentations, the students deepen their acquired knowledge. The course language is English.
  3. Timetable: In winter term 2020/2021 the course takes place Fridays 10am – 2pm online. The course starts on November 13th 2020. Further information is presented on Isis.
  4. Benefits/goals: The module provides the theoretical and conceptual basis of corporate crises, as well case studies and a workshop with our practice partner PwC.
  5. Examination: The examination type is a Portfolio examination (6 ECTS), 25% of the overall grade account for a group presentation, 75% for a written exam at the end of the semester.
  6. Participation/application: To attend, please enroll yourself to the MOCC 2020/2021 course on Isis and attend the first lecture. There is also a link to register for the course on Isis.
  7. Contact: if you have any questions!



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