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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions


At which degree level can I apply and participate?

You can participate in the VENTURE CAMPUS at master’s level only. The course is open for all branches of study.

Do I need to have an own business idea to participate?

No. Each term, there are participants with and without business ideas at the beginning. You can join a team that takes up one of the ideas presented by a fellow student in the lecture.

Do I need to be enrolled at the TU Berlin to participate?

No. However, since 80-90% of the seats are given to students of master programs, for which VENTURE CAMPUS is a compulsory subject, we cannot guarantee participation in the course to external studnents. If you wish to participate please visit the "Application" section on this website for more information.

Can I participate if I am an exchange student, i.e. ERASMUS?

In principle: Yes. However, it is required to be highly proficient in English.


How much ECTS (credit points) do I get for the VENTURE CAMPUS module?

The seminar is very time-consuming and awards 9 ECTS or 12 ECTS. For 12 ECTS students have to write a learning reflection in the end of the course.


How to form teams?

Participants form teams based on a business idea generally within the first 3 weeks. For this reason, all business ideas are presented in the second lecture, followed by supporting procedures to facilitate the teambuilding process in the third lecture. However, not every presented idea will survive this process. Therefore it is required that all participants are able to be open to the business concept process.

How many participants form a team?

Due to the high amount of work and the total number of participants, each team should consist of 4-5 persons.


Are there any business ideas that are not accepted to be taken forward in this seminar?

Yes. First and foremost, we do not accept any illegal ventures. Furthermore, neither do we encourage pure gastronomical ideas, nor any individual software application ideas, or classical consulting services. This is based on our experience and due to a missing scalability.

Other than the aforementioned idea and though we do not rule out any business idea per sé, there is a strong focus on and encouragement for ecologically and socially sustainable business models.

I have an idea for which I would like to create a business concept. Assuming that I work out the concept together with a team in the VENTURE CAMPUS - how can I be sure that one of my co-students does not "steal" my project if I do not realize it right away? Are there measures that protect me?

First of all, all participants and the VENTURE CAMPUS staff sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement.

Additionally, in practice, to steal an idea is more difficult and rare than assumed: on the one hand, every presented idea is quite different from another and based on the individual interests; on the other hand, the elaboration of a marketable business concept is connected to a lot of work, therefore the know-how of a business concept is attached to multiple people / the whole group. In the end, the "thief" would be missing the crucial knowledge to realize the stolen idea better and faster than the original innovator.

Finally, there has not been one single incident of that kind yet. In individual cases, please consult us before your participation.



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