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Enzymatic production of nucleosides

Anke Wagner (Dr.)
Katharina Paulick (Dr.)
Birthe Rausch (Msc.)
Maryke Fehlau (Dipl.-Ing.)

Sector: Biotechnology

Mentor: Prof. Dr. Peter Neubauer

Faculty: III - Process sciences

Support: EXIST research transfer (2014)

"Next generation nucleoside synthesis"


Our idea:

Nucleoside analogues have been in clinical use for almost 50 years and have become cornerstones of treatment for patients with cancer or viral infections. Furthermore, nucleoside analogues can be used as immunosuppressive drugs. E.g. the pharmaceutical Azathiopurine is used in organ transplantation and for treatment of autoimmune diseases. Cladribine also possesses specific activity on lymphocytes and has been evaluated in patients with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. The approval of several additional drugs over the past decade demonstrates that this family still possesses strong potential. Modified nucleosides are currently produced through a long and tedious chemical process that limits the production of new compounds. Consequently, new and more efficient synthesis methods are of high interest. We are presenting an enzymatic alternative to chemical methods using thermostable enzymes.





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