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codary teaches teens online how to code

Amanda Maiwald
(B. Sc. Sustainable Management)

Antonia Schein
(M. Sc. International Management)

Nikolaj Bewer
(B. A. Economics)

Education, Information Technology, Digital Education, E-Learning

Prof. Dr. Marianne Maertens

Faculty IV – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Institute of Computer Engineering and Microelectronics
Department of Computational Psychology

Berliner Startup Stipendium: 01.10.2020 - 31.03.2021

codary: Let’s code together!


Our idea

Information technologies will permanently change all areas of our life. But only in 2023 there will be six federal states that will introduce computer science as a compulsory subject in German schools. Many young people in Germany are therefore growing up without knowledge, interest or skills in IT.

Therefore, codary’s mission is to establish programming as a hobby.

In weekly online courses, codary’s coaches teach teens relevant programming languages such as Python in a playful and application-oriented manner.

The joint conceptual and creative further development of software and apps is the focus of the weekly hours in order to establish programming knowledge and interests in the long term. Machine learning algorithms optimize the learning experience.



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