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Highly efficient application for the calculation of protein-ligand compounds

Dr. Agnes Rosahl (Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. Chemikerin),
Dr. Justus von Grone (Dr. oec., Dipl. Kfm.),
Max von Grone (Dipl. Kfm.),
Wilhelm Bender (cand. M.Sc. Scientific Computing)

IT, SaaS, Pharma

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schneider

Faculty II - Institute of Mathematics

Berliner Startup Stipendium, 01.09.2018 - 28.02.2019

Our vision: to enable the calculation of protein-ligand compounds on conventional computers

Our idea

A global challenge of pharmaceutical drug development is finding suitable ligands to bind as active ingredients to target proteins. The binding of a ligand to a target protein is the prerequisite for the unfolding of its effect and thus the basis for a drug.

The pharmaceutical industry is investing considerable effort in the search for new drugs, because in order for a ligand with a high affinity to bind to a protein, it is necessary that the surface properties with respect to structure, energy optimum and molecular dynamics match (docking).

Our founding team has developed software that addresses the challenges of docking and provides faster and more accurate results with an innovative mathematical approach.



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