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Modular Wind Energy Appliances

Till Naumann (Dr.-Ing. Strömungsmechanik)
Andreas Amberger (Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik)

Micro wind energy appliance

Prof. Uwe Schäfer

IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EXIST start-up grant (2016)

Decentral energy for off grid areas – efficient and reliable!


Our idea

MOWEA is the first modular-wind-energy-system that improves the consistency of clean energy supply, by adding up to three turbines to one mast.

Through it ́s universal plug-and-play feature it can be used complementary to any solar-home-system (SHS) or as an independent micro-energy-system. Hence, MOWEA enables the easy, efficient and reliable energy supply in off-grid areas.

Today, MOWEA’s high-tech wind turbines target the outdoor- and agriculture market, allowing campers and farms to create self-sufficient energy. In the future, MOWEA aims to provide reliable energy to the worldwide 1,2 billion people that have no access to electricity. Serving these “button of the pyramid” customers, MOWEA enables consistent energy supply for simple devices such as lamps, TVs, laptops or fridges to ensure education, communication und healthier living conditions.


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