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Dr. Lubna Rashid


Lubna defended her doctoral thesis in May 2020 with focus on entrepreneurship in fragile contexts. She particularly researched the (psychological) attributes of entrepreneurs operating in conflict zones and highly unstable environments, such as Syria, Nigeria and Pakistan, that would promote their success in the planning, set-up, growth and internationalization of their businesses. 

Lubna also researches the support systems for sustainable entrepreneurship in challenging environments such as entrepreneurship education and policy, and plans to move towards a research path that emphasizes the value of sustainable innovation in the face of grand societal challenges as well as the dark side (e.g. negative socioecological effects) of business activity. 

Lubna was born in Iraq and grew up between Baghdad and Amman. She initially completed her bachelor studies in biotechnology and genetic engineering in Jordan before ultimately moving to the USA, where she worked as a genetics researcher before obtaining her master's from the department of Industrial Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She then spent years working with several activist groups, consultancies and social entrepreneurs across the USA, Europe and the Arab world before settling in Berlin. 

Contact Details:

Chair of Entrepreneurship und Innovation Management

Straße des 17. Juni 135

10623 Berlin, Germany

Main building / Room H 7171


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